Commercial loan for non resident alien?



I have approximately $ 1.3 m in multis and SFHs in San Bernardino county. And 6 low-end rentals in Etowah County, AL.

My wife is a citizen but we live in SE Asia. both have been paying taxes for years. The properties are owned free and clear and we would like to get a commercial loan on the portfolio for other investments, not personal consumption.

Q1: Do you know a bank operating in AL and in CA which might handle such a deal?

A long-term fixed rate is our preference.



Hey Kru_Chris,

To answer your question, I do know of a bank that handles Foreign Investor financing in AL and CA.

It is a 30-year fully amortizing loan term with either a 3- or 8-year fixed-rate option. No personal income documentation will be required. Current promotions on commercial appraisal fees.

Feel free to reach back if you’d like to discuss your scenarios.

Alex Roter


We offer Blanket loan for Foreign Nationals nation wide in the US, 3/1 5/1 10/1 Arms, 5, 10 and 30 yr fixed terms.
Feel free to contact me to discuss or email me at or 713-777-9996.
Regards, John Broussard


I’m a Licensed Real Estate Private Lender based in Las Vegas, NV. I specialize in offering Secured/Unsecured Personal Loans, Auto Loans, Real Estate Loans, Business Loans and General Financing Service(s).
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There are various alternative methods for finding finance. One can go for a bank loan but having knowledge about various available options is good for finding the best possible way of getting finance. Some are listed:

  1. Bank loan.
  2. Attract an Angel Investor.
  3. Look for a factoring company.
  4. Business Loans.
  5. Alternative funding.
    Do proper research before making a decision.


Definitely agreeing on Ann on this. Though business loans are a great options and Angel Investing seems cool but you don’t have to try on it. Alternative funding can be anything, like borrowing money from your friends and family, or any other thing.