Lending scam alert


There is a strange little company out there (Van Jo Kadoncheck) or something like that. They are a scam. It’s just two guys acting like a big company with massive cash reserves. They want you to pay up front and promise 2% that by any math actually comes up to 6%. I tried to show them, they kept using a method of math to get to 6%, it was nuts.

Bottom line, I highly advise you do not send their up front fee of $2450 and avoid them. Thank God I never sent them any money.

Caution, if you don’t follow instructions they send nasty emails, call you names and threaten to sick goats on you or something.



Do not beleive what Buyvon wrote here. Van company is 100% legitimate and has funded many deals. People who do not have requirement to get a loan always find a way to tell lies against a legitimate company. I heard Buyvon is a wanted criminal and many lenders has refused to offer him loan because of his criminal act of not paying some lenders Back. No lender should offer him loan as he is a Criminal. I have all his details incase anyone is looking for him.


BWAAAAHAHAHAHA, You have my driver’s license because that is how close I came to using your service. Go ahead, publish it. I have Life Lock and any lender who are legit can check my credit to see my payment history. Your a scam and spreading lies is what a scammer does. I am just helping inform a few folks that you are scam artists, bad ones at that. I’m embarrassed I even went as far as I did with you. Morbid curiosity I guess. I mean, who offers a 100% loan for 9 Million dollars through a message board?

Your a pimple on the ass of the world and you just got popped!