Need cash from portfolio that is in LLC


I currently have an investment portfolio that includes two properties I need to get cash out of. The first is free and clear with a AV of $355k the second has a AV of $240k with an outstanding mortgage of $125k with a tenant paying $1000/mth. Are there any LLC friendly sources for cash out refis in Rochester, NY?


I have less knowledge regarding this.


The manner in which you hold title to the properties does not matter to the lender. Any refi or cash out is subject to the lender guidelines and will require you signing personally on the note.
You don’t have to use a local lender. If they are licensed to lend in your state, they can be located on the other end of the country.

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We offer cash out on portfolios using your LLC, no limit on the amount of properties. We can go up to a 75% LTV on cash outs refis and purchases. This is a stated income program and loan is based on the properties debt service, options available are 3/1, 5/1, 7/1, 10/1 ARM or 30 yr fixed. Loans are offered nation wide.

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Try Guild Mortgage. Ive used them in the past and they can get you what you need.


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