I work for a stated income lender, ask me anything


Hey everyone,

I work for a nationwide, stated-income lender, financing investment-purpose residential properties and commercial buildings. Let me know if there is any insight I can provide to the investors in this niche market.

  • No Tax Returns, No Income Statements, No 4506-T
  • No Debt-to-Income Analysis
  • Not lending on Primary Residences (Homesteads)

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Hi Alex,
What are best rates for this type of loan product for a 15 year fixed rate/term with 0 points? Duplex property in prime location in So Cal - goal to consolidate 1st & 2nd. What is your Company Name & Contact info


Thanks for the response.

On Investor 1-4 unit properties, our best PAR rates are in the 7’s and 8’s (FICO-driven). These rates are PAR so zero lender origination points apply. All of our loan products require NO personal income verification (including bank statements).

This product has a 30-year fully amortizing term with a fixed-rate option of either 3- or 8-years.

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Alex Roter - National Account Executive
Velocity Mortgage Capital
(818) 338-9772 direct